Friday, December 31, 2010


It's hard to believe that one year could bring so much heartache and so much joy all in the same year and all through adoption! This year was a roller coaster of emotions from going to court so many times to traveling to Ethiopia to get our son! This has been one of the hardest yet best years of our lives! I am so thankful for the journey that 2010 brought our family through. I am so thankful for my wonderful husband, he has taught me so many things and walked with me through many personal storms! He is my rock and I am so thankful for him. I am so thankful for Ella, she is such a good helper and a smart and beautiful girl with a tender heart for others and a heart for Jesus! She is a fun kid! I am also thankful for Max who can make me laugh ALL the time. He is so stinkin' cute and sooooo funny! He is such a little firecracker but really strives to obey, I have really enjoyed watching his heart for Jesus grow this year and watching him accept the Lord as his personal Savior and be baptized! I am also thankful for Maya Jane!!! She is such a precious little sister sassy sizzle! She has so much spunk and sass, but she is also very tender hearted as well. She makes me laugh really hard as well and she is a MOMMY"S GIRL!!! I am so very thankful that she gave her life to the Lord this year as well! And last but not least Ade Joseph, he is such a blessing, way beyond what I ever imagined! I am so thankful that the Lord's timing is perfect! He has blessed our family more than you could ever imagine! He is so cute and loving and funny! I love the way he loves music and loves to dance! But my favorite is his love for his daddy! It is so awesome to see a baby that was fatherless, have and LOVE a daddy the way he does! And his daddy loves him a lot too! I love my family and my Jesus!!! Happy New Year!!!

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