Sunday, September 18, 2011

We are still here!

Well, we are still here! I haven't blogged in a long time. We are super busy. Ella is fully recovered now and is in full swing of basketball!!! Thank the Lord that is over, now I get to do it all again with Maya!!! We have had so much going on I will just highlight a few of those things for you.

On Friday Max received his yellow belt in Hap Ki Do and he was so proud of himself. It has been a really good thing for him. They talk a lot about self control and respect. Which is soooo good for Max. I hope he sticks with it and gets his black belt. It is a pretty big commitment, he goes twice a week. Very proud of him.

Maya got to go to Grandma's with Ruby and have a puppy party and were they ever in heaven. Those 2 are so cute together, they have such a fun time together. I'm glad she has a cousin close to her age to be her bff! She has been a bit of a pill lately. Just having an attitude when it comes to her clothes and things.

Ella took of her friends to Max's ceremony on Friday and then we went out to Pizza Hut to celebrate. She really enjoys spending time with her friends. Joe and I had a date on Saturday and had a lot of fun. It was good to be outside in this beautiful weather.

Just these past few days Ade has been telling me when he has to go potty, not just me putting him on there. It has been so nice. He is finally getting it. Now if he would just go poopy in the potty! He is really growing up so much. He is starting preschool 2 mornings a week at UCP on Wednesday. I am very excited and hoping it will get him up to speed on his abcs and such!

OK, I need to go to bed. My eyes are closing, I just wanted to give a quick update!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Funny Maya Stories

Maya has done and said some pretty funny things this week. I wanted to get them down before I forgot them.

First she is playing outside and she says to me, "Mom, I didn't cut my hair in school today." Guess who cut her hair in school today??? Ahhhhhhh

Then the 2 Kindergarten classes got to combine for a day and her little friend Anthony whom she is VERY fond of is in the other class, she wasn't very happy that they weren't in the same class, anyway, Anthony's class got to pick a friend from Maya's class to sit with them. So it came around to Anthony and he picked Maya, when he picked her she did the ole' fist pump and said, "Yes, I knew you were going to pick me!" So funny and cute.

Today she found out she wasn't able to spend the night at Grandma's and she was in full on hysterics, she says to me, "I was attracted to going to Grandma's!!!" Almost got it right baby girl, keep trying!

These kids crack me up all the time. They are some funny little people with some sick dance moves! I love them!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So what's been going on around here you are wondering? Well, we have been in recovery mode. Ella is doing much better she went back to school today and she made it all day! Yay Ella! She is starting to be able to eat just a little bit more. It has been hard watching her pain. The worst part is we think Maya is going to get hers out too and she does not like taking meds! This should be fun!

Max has been complaining the past couple of days that his ear hurts and he's not feeling the best. And Ade has been majorly whiney and had a yucky nose and things. So I decided today to take them to the clinic after school. Low and behold they both have strep!!! Really??? So Max will be home tomorrow with Ade and I and I have to miss Maya's first field trip!:( I can't even believe it. I am so sad about that.

So while we were at the clinic I had her test me because I have just been extremely tired and just worn down and not feeling the best. I thought it was because I have been getting up so much at night with Ella and taking care of her, NOPE- Mamma has strep as well!!! REALLY??? Can't we catch a break. I guess this is what happens when you have 6 people in a family.

The good news is, is that it explains Max and Ade's current attitude! The bad news is, another day at home and another missed day of school. I know some day I'm going to miss this time, not having a sick kid in my bed and all that goes with it so I will just take a deep breath and enjoy my sick day with my boys tomorrow!

Friday, September 2, 2011

"I wub you Mom!"

One of my favorite things about Ade is how he says my name and when I look down he has those luscious lips puckered for a kiss and says, "I wub you Mom!" It melts my heart every time! I get so frustrated sometimes with him constantly saying my name and then he does that and it is so sweet and makes me feel bad! I am so grateful for a healthy boy that can say my name!!! I am a blessed Mom!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Surgery is NO Fun!!!

On Tuesday Ella had her tonsils out and she had a hole in her eardrum that was repaired. They had to take a skin graft from above her ear! She has some stitches and it is so sore. Today is day 3 and today has been the worst day so far. She had a major meltdown earlier. I think she is just so sick of hurting. It is breaking my heart. Poor girl! Right now she is sitting here in a pretty pleasant mood!!! Grandma and Grandpa just left.

Today Grammy came over to watch her for an hour so Ade and I went to Pilates and when we came home she was melting! We are praying that this is the worst day and she will be on the uphill swing tomorrow! Please pray for my sweet girl, she is so tired of feeling like this!

I can't even imagine how people feel or do it that have kids with a chronic illness. I feel like I am ignoring the other 3 and they notice. They are all a bit grouchy! Pray for us please!