Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our New Friends!!!

So today we traveled to Gardner Kansas to meet some new friends! They adopted a little boy about a week younger than Ade from Ethiopia as well, through Holt! I had stumbled across her blog when I was in the process and have kept up with it and realized we weren't too far from each other! So we finally got to meet today!

It was so great chatting with another adoptive mom! And she has 4 kids as well! So the kids played great. It was an awesome time. And Joseph is such a little doll! He and Ade resemble each other. They have the same profile only Ade has a gigantious head!!! Love that big head!

It was pretty interesting to watch them because they barely acknowledged each other. It was kind of funny. I thought Ade would have more of a reaction, but he didn't! It could be their age as well. They sure did look cute running around that house though!

Isn't it awesome how God works and how He puts people in our paths who share the same experiences that we do? I love how He does that! Now I have another new friend who is pretty darn awesome! Tomorrow we FINALLY get to meet little Desi from Ethiopia as well! I CAN"T WAIT!!! And I haven't seen Shan in a really long time so it will be so nice to catch up!


  1. I love how God uses such subltle things to bring people into our lives!

    I was supposed to be in Kansas this week, Wichita...I would have driven longer to see you!!! (I had to stay home because O was so sick!)

  2. Oh no!!! You should have COME!!! I would LOVE to see you guys!!!