Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Horrible Dream and Some Other Stuff!!!

Last night I had an awful dream. I dreamed that someone adopted Ade out from under us and I went to hold him and he would NOT go to me! I ran off in hysterics crying! I can't imagine someone taking my baby boy or any of my babies away from me for that matter! I know he has only been home for 4 months, but he is MINE all MINE!!! I am his Mamma! Joe is his DADDY!!! I wonder if it is just me or if other adoptive parents have a hidden fear that they will be taken away. It was a strange frightening dream!

Onto more cheerful news! The kids had their school program last week and it was wonderful! Ella had a solo and she nailed it! She amazes me sometimes, she was so confident and she sang clearly and loud! It was awesome! I was a proud Mamma! And Maya did a great job singing and dancing! Max had to miss it!:( The girls looked beautiful!

We did however find out why Max has been so sick and not recovering, he has mono! Lovely huh? He is doing better now though! Please pray for him!

OK, off to a date with my man! Have a wonderful weekend! One more week til Christmas!!!

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