Wednesday, March 30, 2011

7 Months Home

We have been home with the little "Chocolate Chip" for 7 months now! I can't believe it has been that long. And yet it seems like he has been here forever! I go through days where I really think about his birth family and how much I love them. They sacrificed so much for him. And I wonder if they think about him. I pray that God would give them peace knowing that he is doing great!

We ask him if he is happy and if he is happy with the Freudenthal Family and he says "yeaaaah"!!! In a deep voice, it is so precious.

Some new things he is saying and doing:

-Starting to sing his ABCs
-Counts to 3
-plays defense in basketball and cuts to the basket!!!
-Yells NOOOOO to his siblings quite often.
-Sticks his fingers in his ears and says Na na na boo boo! (which daddy does not like, but Mommy and kids laugh every time!)
-fake burps and says "scew me" Such a boy
-punches and play fights with Max
-went to the Great Wolf Lodge and LOVED it!

I'm sure there is more, but those are just the highlights! The boy is such a blessing I can't even stand it. He is so funny and so much fun. He is also very loving. Joe and I are blessed beyond blessed to have 4 amazing,beautiful, smart and loving children! We couldn't ask for anything more!

Friday, March 25, 2011

1 Year Ago

1 year ago today we got "the Call"!!! We got our referral for the most precious baby boy in the world! We saw his face for the first time. We got the most blurry awful picture ever. We couldn't really see him! But we loved him! We had just gotten home from the Great Wolf Lodge and we got the call and we all went NUTS!!! I can't even begin to tell you how happy we all were.

This year has been quite a ride. I mean so many emotions. But it has been such a great and exciting year! We love you Ade Joseph Tariku Freuedenthal!

Look how much he has changed in a year!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What I Learned From the Great Wolf Lodge!!!

So every year we take the kids to the GWL. Our employees give us a gift certificate every year and it such a blessing. We always have such a great time! I remember last year especially, while we were there we talking about how next year we would have a new brother or sister with us. Not knowing who Ade was. But dreaming and trying to imagine! We came home the next day and received "the call"!!! We got our referral for Ade Joseph! I can't even begin to tell you how much fun that day was. This momma was instantly in love with my little "chocolate chip!"

So this year we go uncertain of how Ade would react since he has only been swimming 1 time, but he does love his bath. He hit the ground running! He had a BLAST!!! We laughed so hard when he went down the slide, he had the most awesome expression on his face. He would run in the zero entry like he was on Baywatch or something! So much fun! Little man didn't get a nap so I had the bright idea to sit in a raft with him on top of me and go on the Lazy River. Would you know that that baby was asleep within 2 minutes! By far the most precious time of the trip!!! So I learned, the Lazy River will put your toddler to sleep!

Ella and I went on the huge new slide. I thought we were going to fly out a couple of times! Of course I had to put a dramatic flair on the event so I screamed the entire time! I learned that my girl LOVES to hear Mom scream and LOVES to have one on one time with us.

So while we were checking in, btw the check in line was from here to Utah!!! The kids were walking around and really behaving fairly well. There was an elderly lady who just kept staring at us. She was giving me the dirtiest, most disgusted looks! I felt like she was offended that I had a black son. I really just wanted to ask her why she was staring and if she had a problem with my family, but i refrained!!! That was really irritating.

The kids and Joe were playing basketball in the pool and Ade was quite the attraction, he would stand on the edge of the pool and yell "Ball Ball" until all his adoring fans would smile and laugh and give him the ball. He would dribble it and then throw it back to them. So cute. I learned my boy is a SERIOUS fan of basketball.

When we got back up to the room to change and eat I discovered the dreaded poop in the swim diaper! I mean seriously, there is nothing worse than poop in a swim diaper. Can I get a witness? I learned that poop goes EVERYWHERE in those things and that I really dislike them!

Ade and I headed home after we ate so we could all get a good nights sleep. Joe and the kids stayed at the hotel and had a great time. The kids told me, "dad was on it last night, he let us get a Build a bear, a tatoo and ICE CREAM!!!" Way to go big daddy! Ade and I slept great and got up this morning and headed back to pick up the fam!

While I was showering the girls, a super sweet lady came in that I had made eye contact with a few times before during our stay. She had the cutest little blonde curly headed children! Somehow we got to talking and she was asking me about our adoption and about Ade and how cute he was. And let me tell you, I can talk about adoption ALL DAY PEOPLE!!! We had a lovely conversation and I ended up telling her about my blog and that she could read through our experience on here. Then she said, "it is so cool how God puts people in your path, we have been thinking about adoption and then I meet you!"(Or something along those lines!) I forgot to ask her her name, so new friend if you remembered my crazy last name and you are on my blog, I LOVED meeting you and would love to chat with you if you have any questions!

So all in all I learned the GWL is full of surprises and a great place for family!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lovin' This Weather!!!

So what have the Freudenthal's been up to lately. You mean besides girardia, strep throat, ear infections and the stomach flu!!! Well we have been loving this weather! My kiddos will stay out all day if I let them! Which I usually do. It is beautiful right now. I hope it stays this way!

We took the kids to the circus over the weekend and let me just say that it was interesting to say the least. Girls in thongs??? Really in the circus? Isn't this a kid friendly place? Guys falling off of the horses. To be honest, the circus really kind of creeps me out! I would be fine to never go again.

Also we have been playing a lot of basketball. And we love it. The kids are doing really well, Max had 8 pts last week and Ella had 16!!! She is quite the little baller. I love watching them play.

A little Ade update. He just came up to me and pointed to his diaper and said, "Mom, pee pee"!!! So maybe he may be an easy one to train. I hope so.

We have teacher conferences tonight and tomorrow starts our spring break. Stay tuned for more on that! Lots of fun things planned. Headed tomorrow to see my friend Marcy! So excited haven't seen her for a long time!

On another note, can I just say I love my Bible Study group? They are all awesome. I love having this every week at my house. And a GREAT friend gave me an awesome book that is just touching my life so much! Like I said, Ali is coming back!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today I'm Thankful!!!!

Today I am thankful. I am thankful for my 4 healthy children. I am thankful for my awesome family. I am thankful for my comfortable home and my car that drives. I am thankful for my husband that loves me. I am thankful that I am healthy now. I am thankful for new beginnings and thankful for a God that loves me and directs me!

Life is hard, people are mean, kids get sick and so on and so on. But I am choosing not to let that get me down and to be thankful for the things in life that are good!!! I am leaning on God because He is the one I find my strength, my worth and my hope in! Sometimes I lose sight of that and am dependent on people or things rather than Him!

This is my year of new beginnings! A new healthy me in every way!!! It's time to get Ali back! I'm sure this doesn't make a lot of sense, but it does to me!

Also please be praying for a precious little girl named Lucy who recently found out she has cancer and has been through quite a fight! I have been following her blog and praying hard. The blog is And also pray for mom that the Lord would heal her eyes, she has been struggling with issues for 15 years! Please Lord heal the broken!!!

These 5 people on my page are 5 of the people I love the most in this world!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I Went All the Way To Ethiopia and All I Got Was a Sassy Toddler and Giardia!!!:)

So we finally found out what is going on with me. I spent another day in the ER today, they drew blood, did a stool sample, an MRI and some other not so fun things. I also had to get another IV but it was way worth the trip because we found out I have giardia! REALLY, 6 months home and I get giardia? Ade had it when he came home and we treated it and it was done. Ella had it a couple of weeks after he was home and she took meds and it was done. But that was like 5 months ago. It is so strange. I can't believe how different it is in adults. I find that I feel the best when I am laying flat on my back not moving and not eating! That's a lot of fun!

I need to give a shout out to my husband because he has had to do some things no husband should have to do! He has missed a ton of work and I appreciate all his help. I love you J!!!

So please keep praying that the medicine works and fast!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011


That is what I seem to be saying a lot these days! Going on day 9 and I am STILL sick! I can't believe it has gone on this long. I had an ultrasound today and they said my stomach looked good it is just a nasty virus!!! Here is a list of thoughts I have had since being in bed basically for 9 DAYS......

-You really shouldn't eat when having the stomach flu, no matter how good it may sound, you will regret it.
-My ceiling needs painted and repaired from the water damage!
-Gas can cause debilitating pain!!! VERY IMPORTANT, lay with buns in the air and get relief!
-Having a stool nearby may just not be enough. 2 things can happen at once.
-Tylenol PM is a God send.
-I don't like talking on the phone when I am sick.
-NO ONE can treat you like your MAMMA when you are sick!!!
-Toddlers are very annoying when you are sick.
-Toddlers tend to be very annoying when you are NOT sick.
-I'm glad I have family and friends to pray for me. (But brothers and sisters, your not praying hard enough! It is STILL here!)
-My husband I get along much better when we are both up and healthy.
-It sucks to have a sinus infection and ear infection on top of the stomach flu and not be able to take your antibiotic.
-Did I mention it has been 9 DAYS?????
-My mattress is totally molding to my shape.
-The receptionist at the dr. doesn't think I am near as sick as I am and doesn't think she needs to get messages back to people! Thank goodness I have connections!
-My big sister is the greatest.
-Laundry does NOT get done when Mamma is sick.
-I don't even care that nothing is wiped or cleaned up in the kitchen and the house because I am too sick!

That is a list for now. Please pray that I get well REAL SOON!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Please Pray!!!

OK, blog friends, I really need you to pray for me tonight! I am STILL not feeling well, my tummy is killing me. I need God to intervene! This is the 8th day of this. I can't do much longer. Tomorrow morning I have an ultrasound to see if there is something else going on. I also feel like I am getting dehydrated again. My mouth is all dry again. Please pray for me friends. I need to feel better and be a mom and wife!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sick As A Dog!!!

So this has been maybe the worst week ever!!! Last Thursday I started getting sick with the stomach flu, throwing up, diarrhea and a fever. I thought it was the 24 hour thing, but heck no, it couldn't be that easy, it has lasted a WEEK!!! I mean literally for a week I have been IN BED. This is the worst thing I have ever dealt with. Finally yesterday afternoon I thought I was better than all hell broke loose! I had severe stomach pain and could not stop vomiting and diarrhea. It was awful. I told Joe we had to go to the emergency room. I knew I was dehydrated, my mouth was soooo dry. We went to the ER and they were swamped. My stomach hurt like labor pains. So at one point I was LAYING on the ER room floor, I know my mom would have DIED! I was in so much pain, I found a comfy position and as embarrassing as it is, I released some major gas!!! So embarrassing! My stomach was feeling much better. I ended up in a room getting fluids through an IV because I was in fact dehydrated! I feel so much better this morning! My poor tummy! We got a lot of laughs, with Joe saying we made a trip to the ER so I could FART!!! Lovely huh? But what a difference the fluids made! I pray I am on the mend!