Tuesday, December 28, 2010

10 Things I Never Thought I Would........

1) Never thought I would be in the ethnic hair care section of stores debating over "Pink Luster or Olive Oil" products!
2) Never thought I would be taking in random poop samples to the pediatrician!
3) Never thought I would be so excited to see a SOLID poop!
4) Never thought I could love someone and their family SOOOO MUCH whom I had never met! ie... Ade and his birth family! Before we met him!
5) Never thought I would ever want to go back to another country!!!(I am not a traveler)
6) Never ever EVER thought I could handle 4 kids!
7) Never ever thought I could talk my husband into adopting!
8) Never thought I would get so many crazy looks when I was out with all my kids!
9) Never thought I could imagine having more than 4 kids.
10) Never ever ever in a million years could have imagined I would have a life as great as I have!!!


  1. Love this!

    So... imagining more than 4 kids, huh? =oD

  2. I love it too!!! And I though I could never talk J into adopting internationally (or that I would ever want to fly across the ocean so bad.)

    I want to have another child from Ethiopia...SO so so so so bad. But right now 4 is ALL I can handle. AHHH!!!! I want an older toddler/preschool boy, but J says any other kids will be GIRLS! :-P

  3. Are you serious Sharon? Wouldn't it be awesome if we could all go back together?

  4. Ali, I had that thought too! But what are the odds that we'd all get our home studies, paperwork, etc., and let alone court dates done at the same time? Although if you guys do it again I am praying that you will have only ONE court date! I still don't know how you survived it with so many.

    And girls, you know we're planning to start again in March, right?...

  5. I love it Ali! I will be calling you about hair care products:)

  6. Anytime Kendra!!! And Bethany, that is sooooo exciting!!!