Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh Yes I Did!!!

Oh yes I did just walked up to I think he was a Chiefs player at Houston's on the plaza and his beautiful gal and ask him how he did his hair!!! They were both so sweet and kind to talk to a weirdo like me, but he gave me the number of his "barber" and said he would hook me up! He had really cute hair and his gal was gorgeous! They were both very helpful! I told them I was getting most of my advice from "white moms" who adopted black children! And of course I had to show them a pic of Ade! Joe was just laughing! So yes, I am that kind of mom!

On another note, I saw a sibling group on Holt's waiting child list with a precious little girl and boy! The eyes of the little boy just stirred my heart! He was so sweet. I asked some questions about them without Joe knowing, he would flip a lid!:) So this morning I woke up thinking about them and I was getting Ade ready and I asked him if he wanted a baby sister, he looked straight into my eyes and "uh-uh" as in no!!! I guess he likes his arrangement as it is, being the king of the castle! I laughed so hard. So come to find out, Joe and I don't meet the requirements for the adoption, I am too young and we have too many kids! So if anyone is interested in adopting these 2 precious children I can get you the website! They are so on my heart!

I will attach a picture of the "king" and his dorky Mamma!!!


  1. Hey Ali ~ it must run in the family :o) I'm that same kind of Mama! I'm now just taking poll's at this point to see which hair advice and products gets the most points! We've met some really great people though! Lovin' my cute nephew munches and bunches!

  2. Ahhh thanks Denise! I'll see you on Sunday! I wonder what I got you for your birthday?:) Act surprised!!!

  3. Too young? What are the age requirements and how many kids are too many?

  4. 35 is the age requirement and I am only 34. And you can have no children in the home or only adopted children. We have 3 bio and 1 adopted! Isn't that crazy?