Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Day With My Boys!

Every year Joe takes the girls to see The Nutcracker, this was the day! Ella had to sing at church and they headed out from there. She sang great by the way! Maya was sooooo excited it was making me want to cry. It seems everything is making me want to cry lately! I don't know why, but every year at Christmas I get sad. I get sad that it is almost over! My heart hurts! This year is no different! I have no reason to be sad. I have the best husband and the most beautiful children in the world! I have an awesome house which I love and never want to leave and a great family! So why be sad? It is frustrating to me that I get like that! One thing that sort of makes me sad is knowing that I get this precious little chocolate chip to love on and share Christmas with this year and his family is left wondering. It breaks my heart thinking about what they have given up. OK, that was a bit of a rant! Sorry!

So while Daddy and the girls went to the Nutcracker, my sons and I got to spend the day together at my mom and dad's house! It was so nice, we haven't done that in so long. Just went over, ate lunch, watched the chiefs and hung out! It was great. It was also great just being with my boys! They are both just adorable and so much fun! After the game, Max got to go to the MWSU game with Papa! He loved that!

Dad and the girls came home and they had an awesome time! So much so that Maya put on the music to the Nutcracker and danced around the playroom all night in her dance outfits! So precious that girl! I am super blessed that I have a husband that is an awesome husband and daddy! That he enjoys spending time with his family! Thank you Jesus for him!

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