Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy 5 months home!!!

So it has been 5 months today! And to celebrate poor little Bug has a fever and yucky diapers and yucky nose! Poor guy, he actually got up in the middle of the night which he NEVER does that! Pray for him to feel better please!

I was looking back at pictures from when we first brought him home and I can't believe how much he has grown! I mean really he is getting so big! And looking older! His personality has really started coming out! He is so funny but yet so serious. He is more silly and crazy when he is at home with just us! He kind of acts like his Mamma!!! He loves it when I am silly to him. It is so great. He always thinks I'm funny! It's good to be appreciated!:)

I think back on that first month and it was definitely the toughest month with him not napping and just getting to know each other. But I have to say all in all we have been really blessed with a smooth transition! He loves us and we love him!!!

Some highlights of our first 5 months:

Play dates
Relaxing his hair!
I think I FINALLY found the right products that work for his hair!!!(That is huge!)
He talks a lot!
He LOVES basketball and really knows what to do with a basketball!(Makes my heart happy!)
He loves his family.
He LOVES to dance and sing.
Being home for his siblings birthday!
Taking off his diaper at nap and smearing poop EVERYWHERE!!!
His first snow.
His first basketball game.
Loving on his mamma and dadda!
Getting so excited when Joe comes in the door!

There are many more, but my morning brain is not working so well. He is great and we are all blessed! Have a great day!

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