Saturday, January 8, 2011

Adoption Can Be Hard!!!

I have been reading several blogs lately that are written by discouraged people! Adoption is hard and it is not easy! The waiting process can be daunting. Some people worry about finances, some can't pass court, some are wondering if they can love an adopted child as their own! Some are just fighting the Lord in what He is calling them to do! It is hard.

I don't believe that everyone has the call on their lives to adopt! I believe that if you think about it and it is on your heart you should go for it. That you should press on until the Lord finishes the adoption or He shuts the door. Satan can be so tricky at times, he likes to create doubt in our minds, because he doesn't want to see the Kingdom furthered. The enemy can really play tricks on your mind. But God is not a God of confusion! He will direct us.

Also, I have been following a blog about a family who is losing their daughter that they have had since birth. She is 2 maybe. I can't even imagine the heart ache that goes along with that. I have only been Ade's mommy for 4 months and I can't even think about someone taking him away from me! But the most awesome thing this couple has said in their blog is through all of this that adoption is still wonderful! And they still totally believe in it! WOW! I would hope that I would be like that if that were happening to me.

Some people I read about are having a hard time attaching to their adopted child or seeing them as "theirs". I don't want to sound like I am perfect, but PRAISE GOD, I haven't struggled with that AT ALL!!! Before I got Ade's referral I was in love with him and he was MINE! He is mine just as much as Ella, Max, and Maya are mine. He is MY BABY! Try and tell me otherwise!:) We have been really blessed with his transition and I'm sure his age had a lot to do with that. We were prepared to love him even if he rejected us and I'm sure it would have been really hard and really scary had he not bonded so quickly to us. Adoption is scary all the way through. I second guessed myself a zillion times through the process, but now I know it is exactly what God wanted for our family.

Adoption is hard, but adoption is biblical and beautiful and God never said the road would always be easy, but He did say He would never leave us!!!

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