Friday, January 14, 2011

A Very Interesting Conversation with A Gal at Target!!!

This happened awhile back and I keep forgetting to blog about it so here it goes.

Ade and I were at Target and this lady who looks familiar comes up to me and says she has been stalking me around the store and then asks me if Ade is adopted. I jokingly say "NO"!!! I know I'm funny! Then she goes on to tell me how much Ade looks like "baby Louie". And for those of you who were as lost as I was, that would be Sandra Bullocks baby that she adopted from New Orleans! She goes on and on about baby Louie and then proceeds to tell me that she was at a toy store where there were these really expensive dolls on sale and one was Indian and one was black. She again made a reference to baby Louie and how much the black one looked like baby Louie! She said she bought the Indian one and walked out. When she got out to the car her daughter said, "Mom you need to go back in there and get that black baby Louie, because NO ONE WANTS THE BLACK KIDS!!!" Ummmm.......OK lady, thank you for that comment while I am with my black baby. So she was so proud that she went back in and bought the black one. How about you adopt a REAL baby Louie lady!!!


  1. Wow! The stupidity of the human race never ceases to amaze me! Knowing myself, I would spend days coming up with all the smart snippy little replies that I coulda/shoulda said!

  2. ROTFL

    I did say "You can TELL?!?!" to one person that asked if L was adopted.

  3. WOW! Hopefully, she got in the car and replayed her conversation with you in her head and figured out how inappropriate it was. And, figured out that she needed to have a few conversations with her daughter. Sorry this happened :)