Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days=Grouchy Mamma!!!

The kids have been out of school for 4 days straight now! 2 of them being snow days! Didn't we just have Christmas break? I know I sound like such a bad mom, but thank the Lord they are going back tomorrow! The first day was great. The kids had fun, we were all excited about being home, but today was not so much fun! The kids were doing all they could to irritate each other, they were fighting and I was OVER IT! And it was too cold for them to go outside. To top it off, I can usually escape in my car to get a pop and the kids like taking a ride, only Joe took my car and I had no way to leave! That equals a grouchy me!!!

I know I am a grouch and I totally am acting like a jerk! But I just couldn't let it go today! I was a grouch! And quite honestly, the kids were getting on my nerves! I didn't want to clean up one more popcicle spill, and yes they did eat these on a freezing cold day! Or clean the kitchen one more time. I had already done most of the laundry and put it away and cleaned the kitchen again! I was being a selfish baby!

But Praise be to God, He rescued me!:) Tomorrow is back to school and I am so excited about that! I think the kids are ready to get back too! And I need to be counting my blessings! At least I had a warm home to be in. Food in my kitchen and 4 kids to drive me crazy!!!


  1. Moms are human too you know. ;) We all have grouchy days.

  2. Haha! I know! Back to school this morning!!!:)