Saturday, January 29, 2011

Max-a-roonie is 7!!!!!!!

Today is Max's 7th birthday! I really can't believe he is already 7. I see him as 5 still! He had a great day. He had a family party and got some great gifts. We don't do birthday parties around our house, it is just too much. What we do if anyone cares:) is we give the kids money and take them out shopping to pick out what they want. They LOVE this and it is a lot less stress on us! On their actual birthday we have family over and get some decorations and a cake and celebrate with family! It is a great system for us. We have 3 birthdays in 3 weeks so it gets a little crazy around this time of year!

The reason we have done this is because when we first moved into our house, I was in the hospital for what they suspect was meningitis! I came home with a pic line in my arm and I felt guilty because it was Ella's birthday and I hadn't spent much time with her between having surgery, the move and then being in the hospital. So like a fool!!! I let her have all 17 girls from the 1st grade to our house! Uhhhhhh WHAT WAS I THINKING??? I'll never do that again! It was so awful, they were fighting, bored and Ella just had a complete meltdown, so after that I said we are done with birthday parties! And we save money this way too!!! I mean 1st graders can be completely dramatic!

So on with Max. He is such a blessing to me. The boy baffles me though! He is the most kind hearted sweet boy, but he can turn on a dime and be a monster!!! I am constantly amazed at him! Some of my favorite things about Max are:

He is so kind.
He is a friend to all.
He is sooooo funny!
He loves to snuggle.
He is almost ALWAYS running around the house in just underwear!
He is very loving.
He is very spunky.
He never stops moving.
He is extremely athletic.
He has a heart for Jesus.
He can flip and jump like no other.
He loves apples.
He can get so fired up so easily.
He is seriously one of the cutest little boys I have ever seen!
He is super stylish.
He loves music.
He can melt this mamma's heart!!!

There are many more things, but this is all I can do tonight!

7 years ago tonight, I was staring at my 5 hour old baby boy so excited I got my boy! I was trying to figure out who he looked like and probably said a zillion times, "he is so little!" He had a rough start coming into the world, heart rate kept dropping and it was scary for a moment. Then he wasn't gaining weight and he was a happy to starve baby! Yes, I thought I was feeding him well and actually, he was just starving! LOSER MOM!!! But he caught up pretty quick. He was also allergic to milk. So he had a rough start and he was a few weeks early! Love me some Max and are so thankful to be his Mamma! Happy Birthday Max!!!

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