Monday, August 30, 2010

Our life as a family of 6!!!

So things are going GREAT!!! I think Ade is the best baby ever! He is so sweet and funny! He has just been a huge blessing! He eats well, he sleeps well and he loves his family! Just yesterday he started giving US kisses! So sweet! He is so much fun.

Going to sleep I had been rocking him and bouncing him until he fell asleep but that was starting to hurt my shoulder, neck and back. After his bottle he would just get real restless and not want to be held. So at nap today I just laid him in his bed and he cried for a few minutes and fell asleep. I knew he wanted to be just put down. Tonight he gave a bit more of a fight, but fell asleep! He is sleeping all night long which is a huge blessing to me! I need my sleep!

We took him to Wal Mart yesterday and he was funny, he wasn't much for the cart, he is going to have to get used to that! We had a lady say, "Oh you got your baby in!" I looked and Joe and said "Oh yeah, he was on backorder at the GAP!"!!! Really people! He went to Ella's ball game tonight and he was quite the big hit. Everyone just loves him!

Tomorrow we see our dr and we are headed to school to show him off to the kids' classes! They are so excited for their friends to see him! I am so happy and blessed that they all love each other so much! I'm falling asleep typing this so I better get to bed! Just a quick little update!


  1. So glad that the transition is going smooth! I am GREEN WITH ENVY that he's sleeping through the night!!! So thankful though, if I can't be sleeping, I'm glad you are! Love the pics too.

  2. Oh man, I am so thankful he sleeps! I do NOT do well without my sleep! He is doing great I think being younger makes a difference!

  3. So happy for you, Joe and the family. He's just adorable! I'm so glad that he is well-adjusted and seems to be bonding very quickly. It give Liam and I hope that our little one will be the same. Can't wait to have a play date with our new additions. We just found out we're number 9 on the waitlist. :)

  4. So happy he is doing so well!!!

  5. I've been loving showing Lily off! Church, work, school, today it was the grocery store. The checkout lady said she was worried about our adoption since she hadn't seen us in a few weeks. LOL. She called me to my own isle and this lady bolted to get ahead of me and she's like "oh ma'am I need to get her first" and the lady mouthed off at her. lol

    Ok and am I the only one who is having the urge to just honk my horn at everybody on the road?

  6. Haha Sharon!!! Melanie yes, I can't wait until you get that referral! Thank you Beth!