Saturday, August 14, 2010


So I am basically packed, I am waiting on a couple of things to come in the mail on Monday or Tuesday and then I can close up my suitcase! Or "soupcase" as Maya calls it!

Our family is so excited and I can't believe we are leaving in 4 days! I pray that God would prepare Ade's heart for us and that he would have an instant connection!


  1. that's great! We left on a wednesday, and I was weighing our suitecases on tuesday night! Ryan got back from his grandpa's funeral at about midnight monday night/tuesday morning, so we had to pack him up in a day! It will be nice to relax and not worry about the packing for a couple days. :)

  2. Ok Ali.... how many shoes did you finally decide on for Ade :o) ? Glad we got to see you all before you left and before school started.... love love love my nieces and nephew!

  3. Thank you Denise only 5 I think!:) I'm glad we got to see you as well! We love our precious nephews and niece just as much!