Sunday, August 8, 2010

God is so cool!

A while back I blogged about how awesome my kid were and the project they did to earn money for someone in need. Well they ended up making about 85 dollars! So we discussed our options and they decided to give it to a little girl at church. We got a gift card from Target and a nice card, we thought she could pick out her own stuff! So Ella took it to church and gave her friend the card.

Well we thought we had better her Dad that Ella had given her that because it had an 85 dollar gift card in it. So Joe went up to tell him what the kids had done, told him the whole story and that his daughter had a gift card waiting for her. When Joe told him he started crying. Every Sunday during worship at church you can go up and pray, he had just come back for praying for a FINANCIAL NEED for his daughter!!! How cool is God!!!

It was great to tell our kids about it and they could actually see what God had done and how He works!!! God is so cool!

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