Monday, August 16, 2010


So we are leaving in 2 days, less thank 24 hours! I can't even begin to describe all that I am feeling! I have a lot of wonder going on! I wonder if he will be an easy baby with an easy transition like some or a harder baby with a harder transition! Either way I feel like we are going into this with eyes wide open! We know what kinds of things to expect but we have never adopted before so this could be tricky!

I am so excited to actually get there! I wish I could push a fast forward button and skip the whole flight, but oh well! I am very excited to experience Ethiopia, I loved Haiti so I'm pretty sure I will love Ethiopia as well, especially since it is where my son is from. I'm sure it will be quite an experience!

My suitcases are overflowing, and I haven't attempted to zip them yet. I'm waiting for a package from the Gap so I hope it makes it tomorrow! I expressed it! And I'm pretty sure I will be over the 50 pound mark!:( Just don't tell Joe!:)

We have back to school night tonight with the kids so that will be fun for them to see their classrooms and such. I am totally exhausted and I have battled a headache, I'm pretty sure it is just stress. If you see my kids in the next 10 days give them a hug from their mom and dad! Pray for our family please! This is probably my last post before I leave!


  1. SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!! Keep us posted when you can find wireless! We will be praying and anxious to hear from you!!!