Saturday, August 7, 2010

So many things on my mind!!!

My mind will not stop racing. I keep thinking of all the things I have to do and I start to go into denial!:) I mean the list goes on and on. I feel like I need to write my list so here it goes: Just a few of the things.....

-get paperwork together
-get hair done
-Back to school night
-lay out clothes for the kids while I am gone
-make a list of helpful info for my mom
-get suitcases from Frank and Salli
-get Max's room done
-get Ade's room done
-print off paperwork
-get document notarized

Those are just a few things. Not to mention my house looks like a tornado hit it! AHHHHH..... And there's nothing like finishing up a room in the last minute. Monday they are laying carpet and Tuesday they are moving in the furniture! Hopefully by the end of the week I will have both boys' room done! Hopefully.

Here is my schedule for this week:
Monday-KQ2 is our local TV station and they are coming to our house to follow our adoption. So we have our first interview! And carpet is coming.
Tuesday-Max has tutoring and then the movers are coming to move furniture around.
Wednesday-Friends coming over to help decorate the rooms.
Thursday-Maya has a birthday party.
Friday-hair appointment in the morning and then travel call at 2.

So that helps me to see some things I need to get done. Joe and I were talking tonight about how it is so exciting but it just doesn't seem real. I can't believe in less than 2 weeks I'll be holding and snuggling my little man! God is so good and we are so thankful for all the prayers!!!

Funny story to end the night, Joe and I had "some words" in the car today.(I think the stress is getting to us!) And he got out of the car to go into the gas station to get a pop and when he got out Maya said, "Mom, do you want to punch your husband!"HAHAHAHA!!!!! Not Dad, your husband! She makes me laugh.

Pray for my kids to get well quick, Ella has strep, Maya has an ear infection and Max went to bed crying with a headache and his neck hurt. Which usually results in strep! I need my babies healthy!!!


  1. Congrats Ali and Joe! My mom is a notary if you need one.

  2. you will find a way to get it all done! I'll be praying for you this next couple of weeks!

  3. On FB you said he went to 'get a drink' so I was wondering.... :-P

    See you soon, friend!

  4. Haha Sharon! Of diet coke! And thank you Leigh Ann, one of the girls that works for us is a notary! It has been nice!