Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sick Little Prince!:(

Ade had 6 shots and a blood draw yesterday. Poor baby! He woke up today with a 102 fever. He was miserable, but the tylenol kicked in quickly and he was doing better within an hour! He is just such a pleasant little guy!

Today I had to take him to school to show him to the kids' class! They were so happy to show him off! Max was absolutely precious! He loves him so much! Tomorrow it is Maya's turn to have him come to her class! He had lots of visitors over today! Joe's sisters and their families came to visit! It was so much fun and his cousins Amos and Tony were so proud of him and they were taking lots of video and pictures! So precious to see them love him so much!

So still everything is going well. We are super blessed and can't imagine life without our little man! We think EVERYONE should adopt and if you have any questions, contact us! Also, our agency just sent out an email requesting families for Thailand and Ethiopia! Is this your calling? Is the Lord speaking to you?

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  1. Poor little guy! Eden was sick a couple of days after hers. And we go back next week for round 2. :( But at least it's only 3 this time!