Monday, August 2, 2010

An Update and Things this summer!

We got an update on the little Prince today. He is anemic but not critical. He is 22.5 pounds!!! He has gained 6 pounds since he has been in the orphanage! He is 28.5 inches long! He has moved up to the 25-50% in weight and is still below the 10th in height! I cannot wait to see him! We were going through some of his stuff tonight and Joe said, "I think you've bought enough for Ade!" Little does he know I'm just getting started!:) I'm just praising God that he is healthy! It also stated that he really likes adults and he doesn't like other children to play with his things!!! Uh oh, we may be in some major trouble!:)

My sis and her girls came up today to play. We had a great time. We watched a movie and played outside, had lunch, just a fun time!

We have been doing a lot of playing in the hose and playing with ice around here! The kids love it and it will entertain them forever! I am attaching some pics! Also, tonight the 2 little ones were helping me clean the basement and Joe came down to help and the kids disappeared upstairs. About 5 minutes later we hear a knock on the back basement door and it is "Jake and Salli"!!! They came for a visit and wanted to hear about Jesus!!! They would run upstairs and return to "Max and Maya" and run downstairs and tell us there were strangers in the house. Then they would change back into their "Jake and Salli" clothes! So funny! I am also attaching pics of them! Max was hysterical!!! He and Maya are the best of friends! I love it.

I'll close this with a couple of funny things that were said today!
Max came up to me this morning and was snuggling with me in bed, he put his hand around my head and said in a very romantic voice, "your my fiance" and gave me a big kiss! I have no idea where he saw that! We don't let them watch too much! It was soooo funny!

And then Maya aka Salli was saying YO after everything she said tonight then she would do like rapper hands! So funny!

I hope you all have a great day! Please keep praying that my boy will coming home soon!

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