Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Awesome Trip to Florida!

So more on the trip! We SURVIVED!!! Haha! Actually the kids LOVED the beach. They played forever down there. We had an awesome pool as well at our condo that they adored! They are so much like their mamma! They made lots of new friends and so did I!

We did have a MAJOR meltdown on the last night and I have to admit it was MY fault! I needed to stop being crabby and get ahold of my emotions, but it didn't happen that night! We were all in tears. I apologized like 900 times and we ended up all having a fantastic night! I hate moments like that when I lose it! But God is merciful thank the Lord!

The travel back home was NOT fun. Joe had to go check in a bag he had forgotten and I got stuck with 4 kids going through security!!! Can I just tell you what a pain that was? 4 shoes off, 4 bags on the table, my shoes off, take the baby out of the stroller, fold the stroller, have to go back to the "special waiting place" while they check my diaper bag, all the while trying to keep track of 4 littles, and then having them THROW AWAY my 7 dollar tube of baby lotion for the chocolate chips skin!!! I mean REALLY?????? Not a happy Mamma. Finally got through all of that, got on the plane and Praise the Lord Ade slept through the whole first flight. Relief. The 3 older kids were no problem at all, they were awesome. We get to our first destination and Ade was a PILL. Oh my is he 2!!! He is in some baby boot camp due to his attitude!!! He was NOT good on the flight home. We made it off the flight and Max and Maya got the giggles and Max was not listening to me so I had to take him to the airport bathroom and spank him which he smirked at me, not a smart move little guy! He should know this by now! We made it home and immediately dropped the littles off to my parents house. Ahhhh at last peace and quiet. Joe and I went for a run and I finished unpacking! And all was better! I forgot to mention that the LOST my makeup/hair stuff bag and had to deliver it later that night!!!

I would have to say one of the best parts of our trip was how God opened up so many doors for me to talk about adoption! I met a lot of awesome people while in Florida. So many people asked us about adoption and I got to talk about one of my favorite subjects A LOT!!! Ade was a like a little celebrity! He is a treasure to behold for sure. My kids were great and I think we were successful in making memories with them. I am blessed, even in when I'm stressed!

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  1. Glad you guys had a great trip! I still wish we could have met up! How do you do baby boot camp? Enlighten me! I think Lijah could use it sometimes!