Monday, May 9, 2011

Ade's First Mother's Day!

Yesterday was the first Mother's Day that Ade actually got to spend with his "Mother"!!! Oh how he loves on me, he really loves his Mamma! He got dedicated at church yesterday and he fell asleep right before we went up and slept through the WHOLE thing! He was really impressed I guess! It meant so much to me that he has been with us longer than he has been with anyone and he has a mommy now to love and cherish him. To teach and discipline him. To laugh and get annoyed with him! He was sooooo cute yesterday. He looked like a little man.

My Mother's Day was GREAT!!! The kids and Joe spoiled me! The girls got me a shirt from American Eagle and a bracelet and 2 necklaces. Max got me a charm for my Pandora bracelet and Ade got me one to represent him. So pretty! And Joe surprised me with new diamond hoop earrings! I ate a chili cheese hotdog from Dairy Queen and came home and took a super long nap! It was a great day. And of course we dedicated our precious boy! The kids were all soo good to me and I am super blessed to have those 4 children call me MOM!!!

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