Saturday, May 14, 2011

I've Been Diagnosed With 2 Things This Weekend...

Strep throat and BIEBER FEVER!!!!! OMG, I watched the little Justin Bieber with the kids and I fell in love with him! He is such a precious little guy. A christian and just adorable. I see now why all the little girls LOVE him! He is so stinkin' cute. My kids have been laughing so hard because I keep playing his music and even have his ring tone on my phone!:)

The strep on the other hand, not so fun. I have been totally exhausted for like 3 weeks, went to the dr. was treated for a sinus infection, never even tested for strep and then this week I was horrible tired again and I went to the WM clinic and she did a strep test and I had strep!!! UGHHHHH. Not fun.

AND I haven't stopped eating for a week so I feel like fatty fatterson!!! Not fun either. I need to get some control. We went to the sectional track meet to watch some friends and family run and it was sooooo cold! Oh yeah, I wanted to remember some funny things the kids said this week.

Me: Max why is your big toe so fat?
Max: Mother Nature Mom, Mother Nature!!!

Ella got her first "Love Letter" this week, she gets in the car reads it to me, throws her arms up in the air and says, "What am I supposed to do with this?"HAHAHAHA!!! I love that girl. She makes me laugh and she is growing up way to fast. I want her to stay a little girl forever. I love this phase with her right now because we talk about EVERYTHING and we have a really good time together. It is a fun stage!

Maya last night watching Never Say Never when Usher comes on, "Usher is soooooo cute!"HAHA!

And Ade is starting to put 3 words together, this week he said, "I sorry Mamma." I love you Mamma." I done Mamma" and "Detchup"!!! He is talking soooo much. And then he was taunting Max saying "Maaaaaaax" because he wanted Max to get him. A precious family I have indeed!

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