Saturday, May 21, 2011

Is Florida Ready For the Freudenthals???

We have had quite an exciting week/weekend!!! Joe and I headed to Ozark to attend our nephews graduation dinner. It was so fun to hang out with our family without the kids. It was sort of "the calm before the storm"!!! We are headed to Florida bright and early tomorrow! All 6 of us. We are so excited. This is our first ever family vacation in 10 years! We are renting a condo and staying on the beach. It will be Maya's first plane ride and she is ever so pumped!

I always get so stressed out about packing. But I got it done. And I managed to only have 5 bags with 6 people. Pretty impressive I must say! So I hope Florida is ready for the Freudenthal clan!

Last night my parents stayed all night with the kids and they had their cousins over. We came home to a huge mess which is so unlike my mom! Ella had not gone to sleep ALL NIGHT and she decided she and her cousin were going to make breakfast at 5 in the morning. Let me just tell you how many times she has been told NOT to EVER EVER EVER turn on the oven in the kitchen without our permission. Sometimes it is so frustrating and exhausting how kids just act in the moment. They get an idea and this is what they are going to do no matter what. So needless to say she got a spanking when we got home from Dad and we had to have yet another talk with her about if we can't trust her with little things we won't be able to trust her with bigger things. And she of course did the ole' "I forgot"! And then later she said she was really sorry and I told her I forgave her but actions speak louder than words!

Sometimes I just get really discouraged being a parent and I know it is completely normal, but really does anyone EVER listen!!! I am praying that our trip will be a great family bonding time and that we don't get stressed out and overwhelmed! Please pray with me!

Tonight was also a rough night, God has brought me sooooo far in certain areas of my life. I am very aware of what I eat and try to watch what I eat and not freak out if I eat a little extra one night. I weighed myself this evening and I have gained a few pounds! I really wanted to cry and was really struggling internally! I am just going to have to watch it better and ON VACATION!!! I have been doing so well not freaking out but tonight I am officially freaking! OK, I need to go to bed, I have to be up SUPER early in the morning!


  1. Have a fun trip!!!! And, I know everyone reading this is thinking it, so I'll just be the first to say it ... gain a few pounds girl and be NORMAL with the rest of us! mmmkay? okay!

  2. Haha!!!! You are funny!!!:) We are having a great trip!