Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lovin' This Weather!!!

So what have the Freudenthal's been up to lately. You mean besides girardia, strep throat, ear infections and the stomach flu!!! Well we have been loving this weather! My kiddos will stay out all day if I let them! Which I usually do. It is beautiful right now. I hope it stays this way!

We took the kids to the circus over the weekend and let me just say that it was interesting to say the least. Girls in thongs??? Really in the circus? Isn't this a kid friendly place? Guys falling off of the horses. To be honest, the circus really kind of creeps me out! I would be fine to never go again.

Also we have been playing a lot of basketball. And we love it. The kids are doing really well, Max had 8 pts last week and Ella had 16!!! She is quite the little baller. I love watching them play.

A little Ade update. He just came up to me and pointed to his diaper and said, "Mom, pee pee"!!! So maybe he may be an easy one to train. I hope so.

We have teacher conferences tonight and tomorrow starts our spring break. Stay tuned for more on that! Lots of fun things planned. Headed tomorrow to see my friend Marcy! So excited haven't seen her for a long time!

On another note, can I just say I love my Bible Study group? They are all awesome. I love having this every week at my house. And a GREAT friend gave me an awesome book that is just touching my life so much! Like I said, Ali is coming back!!!

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