Monday, March 7, 2011

I Went All the Way To Ethiopia and All I Got Was a Sassy Toddler and Giardia!!!:)

So we finally found out what is going on with me. I spent another day in the ER today, they drew blood, did a stool sample, an MRI and some other not so fun things. I also had to get another IV but it was way worth the trip because we found out I have giardia! REALLY, 6 months home and I get giardia? Ade had it when he came home and we treated it and it was done. Ella had it a couple of weeks after he was home and she took meds and it was done. But that was like 5 months ago. It is so strange. I can't believe how different it is in adults. I find that I feel the best when I am laying flat on my back not moving and not eating! That's a lot of fun!

I need to give a shout out to my husband because he has had to do some things no husband should have to do! He has missed a ton of work and I appreciate all his help. I love you J!!!

So please keep praying that the medicine works and fast!!!


  1. Ali: I am so sad that you have been so sick...and I just can't imagine how you've managed to stay so patient and I know how hard this must have been on you and Joe. I have been and will continue to pray for you. At least, now, they know what you have/had. That doesn't make up for the terrible times you've experienced in the past several days....but I do believe you're on the mend now. Isn't there something they can give you???? I laughed at your ER Room situation. God love you!!!!


  2. I'm just SO glad you guys finally figured out what it is. I can't believe it is hanging out that long. Are you guys going to re-test everybody in the family? I wonder if somebody is just acting like a carrier. You should really quit licking your hands after you change Ade's diaper. ;)

    Get well, love you!!

  3. Ahhh man. That stinks (pun intended). You should definitely have Ade retested. I've read they can have false negatives after treatment and then have it pop up again, especially if they've had Giardia for a long time before treatment. Something about how deep it imbeds in the colonic villi??

    Get well!

    p.s. I laughed really loud at the "she had to go to the ER to fart" comment though!

  4. Haha! I know it has been a crazy situation! Although I am feeling A TON better! It is amazing how much better the medicine makes you feel!!! Thank you girls for the support! It has been a crazy couple of weeks. And now Ella has strep!:(