Friday, March 4, 2011


That is what I seem to be saying a lot these days! Going on day 9 and I am STILL sick! I can't believe it has gone on this long. I had an ultrasound today and they said my stomach looked good it is just a nasty virus!!! Here is a list of thoughts I have had since being in bed basically for 9 DAYS......

-You really shouldn't eat when having the stomach flu, no matter how good it may sound, you will regret it.
-My ceiling needs painted and repaired from the water damage!
-Gas can cause debilitating pain!!! VERY IMPORTANT, lay with buns in the air and get relief!
-Having a stool nearby may just not be enough. 2 things can happen at once.
-Tylenol PM is a God send.
-I don't like talking on the phone when I am sick.
-NO ONE can treat you like your MAMMA when you are sick!!!
-Toddlers are very annoying when you are sick.
-Toddlers tend to be very annoying when you are NOT sick.
-I'm glad I have family and friends to pray for me. (But brothers and sisters, your not praying hard enough! It is STILL here!)
-My husband I get along much better when we are both up and healthy.
-It sucks to have a sinus infection and ear infection on top of the stomach flu and not be able to take your antibiotic.
-Did I mention it has been 9 DAYS?????
-My mattress is totally molding to my shape.
-The receptionist at the dr. doesn't think I am near as sick as I am and doesn't think she needs to get messages back to people! Thank goodness I have connections!
-My big sister is the greatest.
-Laundry does NOT get done when Mamma is sick.
-I don't even care that nothing is wiped or cleaned up in the kitchen and the house because I am too sick!

That is a list for now. Please pray that I get well REAL SOON!


  1. Girl, get some zofran. I had to be on that my entire pregnancy (all 3) and then even get it shot up into me with an IV. It is GOOD STUFF.

    P.S. You didn't catch giardia, did you????

  2. Feel better SOON! I have been praying!

  3. Thank you girls! I am feeling much better today. Thank the Lord!