Saturday, February 27, 2010

What I've Heard!

So I have been following some families in process from Ethiopia and several of the blogs have stated that Holt is working on some new referrals! I'm not sure where we are on the list, I got an Ethiopia update and it said that there are 30 families that are paper ready and just waiting for referrals and I'm pretty sure we are one of those 30. But I'm not sure where we are on the list. So we could maybe get one of those referrals or maybe not! They said they should be in the next week or so! I don't call too much, I don't want to bother the agency, I figure that when they have news they will call! Not too much else to report, it kind of seems like it is so far away and that it will never happen. But we are very anxious to know who the newest Freudenthal will be! I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Friday, February 19, 2010


So after 3 attempts at the same form we are FINALLY done with our dossier! I heard today she received it and it correct! So now we just wait for a referral! I am hoping by the end of March we should know who our baby is! I'm just relieved we are done with paperwork for awhile!

In other news around the Freudenthal house, my first day back to being a full time mom after surgery was a doozie!!! It started with dance class for Maya then off to the doctor for Ella and Max's yearly check up! I was sure they didn't have to get shots this year because we did them all last year, so we get in there and learn that Max has to have his second Hepatitis shot! So he goes into hysterics, crying screaming the works! He got the shot and was fine. Over the weekend Ella had developed a rash all over her body, she ended up having Fifth's disease and Maya had an ear infection! And there was NO SCHOOL on Monday! Welcome back to the real world!

It is snowing again like crazy here and the kids got out early, thankfully it wasn't too cold and the kids ALL went outside for over an hour. I am not feeling the best today. My back is hurting really bad and I have a headache and a stomach ache! But I will make it! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today on Valentine's Day I want to recognize the loves in my life! First and foremost Jesus! He has an undying love for me and sometimes I feel like I take it for granted! But without Him, I would be nothing and surely would not be able to get through this life! I don't know how people do it who don't have Him! Next is my husband J! He is the best husband and daddy in the world! I am so blessed to have a husband that loves me and loves Jesus! He is such a good leader of our family. I feel so blessed that he WANTS to be with me and the kids. We have our little tiffs and we are not perfect, but we work! And I am blessed! Ella, Max and Maya! I love the fact that if I need some love and reassurance they are always there to give it to me! They give the best hugs, loves and snuggies ever! And Baby A! I don't even know if Baby A is a girl or a boy, but I already love that baby sooo much! I can't wait to meet him or her! I have such great family and friends! I would like to give a special shout out to my Mom for all of her work she did this week for me! I have to admit that Saturday at dinner I teared up because she had to go back to work! No matter how old you are there is just something about having your mom with you when you are not feeling well! My parents are so supportive and love our kids so much! That is how Joe's parents are also! I could go on and on about all of the people I love, but there is not enough time! Have a great day and tell someone you love them!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dossier and I600a are in the mail!!!

Oh Happy Day! We got the dossier and the I600a paperwork in the mail! Let's just pray I did it all right and there is nothing I need to do over! So now if the paperwork looks good all we do it wait! Wait for the referral of our precious baby girl or boy! But I can tell you, Mommy is really ready to find out who will be the 6th Freudenthal! I want to snuggle my baby so bad. And I still have months of waiting! Just wanted to give you a quick update!

In other news, little Maya is not feeling all that great. I felt so sorry for her yesterday, I was getting her ready for bed and she was sitting on my lap, I was on the floor and without even thinking stood up and carried her to the playroom! Not a good idea 4 days after surgery! It went downhill from there. It hurt, my stomach was hurting, I got nauseous, threw up and couldn't eat! Not smart! I went to bed before 8 and I didn't wake up until 7. So I got a good nights sleep!

9 years ago today, I was at the dr.s office being checked and I was dilated to a 2 and 80% effaced! As the night progressed, I was in labor with my first beautiful baby girl Ella! I can't believe she will be 9 tomorrow! She is such a gift. I better wrap this up. Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

More paperwork!

So we got our HS in the mail yesterday! YAY! I got all of the stuff that needs to be certified in order and I wrote that nice check for the dossier fee! Joe is going on Monday and it will be in the mail Monday afternoon hopefully! And then I filed my I600a form! Oh boy, if that wasn't a disaster! I am recovering from surgery, but felt like I had to get it done, I messed the application up 3 times, the printed went out of ink and I was so confused. I was hurting from standing so long, needless to say it got a little ugly! But thankfully, I think I have that done as well, so it should go in the mail on Monday as well! My stomach is hurting because I hope I did it all correctly!

Since I have basically been laying in bed by myself for 3 days, I have had a lot of time to think. I am getting so excited to see my baby and to hold him or her. I have been on the internet like crazy looking for bedroom furniture and bedding. That has been fun. Joe is cracking me up because he doesn't like anything I've shown him! It is making me laugh that he has an opinion on this! But I did order the cutest diaper bag, it is a skip hop bag. They have bedding that is really cute also. So we'll see.

I just wanted to update to let my "Elite 8" know what is going on. Have a great day and I'll let you know how Monday goes! Jesus loves you!

Oh and check out this cute shirt Joe got for me on! I love it! I need it in a smaller size. I think it is adorable!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A month...... WHAAAATTT???

I talked to our SW yesterday and she said she is going to try and get our home study in the mail to us by Friday or Saturday. Then on Monday Joe can take all of our stuff that needs to be State Certified to KC and get it certified and then we will send our dossier!!! Finally!!! But our SW told me to be prepared to get a referral within the next MONTH!!!! I was in Wal-Mart at the meat counter when I heard this! I was shocked, she said she is seeing people referred within a month after turning in their dossier! IF that happens and that is a BIG IF! We will have a baby by August or September. I can't believe that. I'm already starting to look for baby furniture and such since I had gotten rid of EVERYTHING this summer. So we shall see if this will happen.

On another note, I went to visit my friend Erin today. She is going to have her 2nd child on the 12th! It was so fun to see her and see the baby room and all the little baby clothes. It made me miss being pregnant. She is going to do great. And Lilly is going to be quite the helper!:)

Tomorrow I have surgery at 7:30am, please pray for me that everything goes well and that God would guide the Dr.s hands! Have a blessed night! Bye!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Child Abuse Screening

Hello, I just got word that our child abuse screening came in today, so as soon as we get our Home study in the mail we can send off our dossier! Joe is taking our stuff to get notarized tomorrow! This is a big step! I hope I did everything correctly!

On another note, I am irritated with myself, I missed something! A friend had written a recommendation letter for us and it was supposed to be addressed: To Whom It May Concern, and it wasn't!!! I can't believe I missed that. So I had to ask her to write a new one! I hope she still has it! I get so frustrated with myself when I miss these things!!! ARGGGG

Anyway, just a quick little update! Getting closer!

I'll leave you with a few funny quotes from Maya today. She told me that boys have "peanuts"!!! How cute it that. Then we came out of Panera Bread and it was snowing, she had her Ipod with her and she looks at it and says, "snow on my Ipod,........Fabulous!"
Could she be any more funny? OK, I need to get off of the computer and start thinking about dinner! Have a great day!