Friday, February 19, 2010


So after 3 attempts at the same form we are FINALLY done with our dossier! I heard today she received it and it correct! So now we just wait for a referral! I am hoping by the end of March we should know who our baby is! I'm just relieved we are done with paperwork for awhile!

In other news around the Freudenthal house, my first day back to being a full time mom after surgery was a doozie!!! It started with dance class for Maya then off to the doctor for Ella and Max's yearly check up! I was sure they didn't have to get shots this year because we did them all last year, so we get in there and learn that Max has to have his second Hepatitis shot! So he goes into hysterics, crying screaming the works! He got the shot and was fine. Over the weekend Ella had developed a rash all over her body, she ended up having Fifth's disease and Maya had an ear infection! And there was NO SCHOOL on Monday! Welcome back to the real world!

It is snowing again like crazy here and the kids got out early, thankfully it wasn't too cold and the kids ALL went outside for over an hour. I am not feeling the best today. My back is hurting really bad and I have a headache and a stomach ache! But I will make it! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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