Sunday, February 7, 2010

More paperwork!

So we got our HS in the mail yesterday! YAY! I got all of the stuff that needs to be certified in order and I wrote that nice check for the dossier fee! Joe is going on Monday and it will be in the mail Monday afternoon hopefully! And then I filed my I600a form! Oh boy, if that wasn't a disaster! I am recovering from surgery, but felt like I had to get it done, I messed the application up 3 times, the printed went out of ink and I was so confused. I was hurting from standing so long, needless to say it got a little ugly! But thankfully, I think I have that done as well, so it should go in the mail on Monday as well! My stomach is hurting because I hope I did it all correctly!

Since I have basically been laying in bed by myself for 3 days, I have had a lot of time to think. I am getting so excited to see my baby and to hold him or her. I have been on the internet like crazy looking for bedroom furniture and bedding. That has been fun. Joe is cracking me up because he doesn't like anything I've shown him! It is making me laugh that he has an opinion on this! But I did order the cutest diaper bag, it is a skip hop bag. They have bedding that is really cute also. So we'll see.

I just wanted to update to let my "Elite 8" know what is going on. Have a great day and I'll let you know how Monday goes! Jesus loves you!

Oh and check out this cute shirt Joe got for me on! I love it! I need it in a smaller size. I think it is adorable!


  1. Hey Ali - Give me a crash course on foreign adoption - what is a dossier and the I600a paperwork?
    I think it is so exciting that you are adding to your family. Hope you continue to recover from surgery.

  2. Thank you! A dossier is a collection of documents that you prepare for the country. It's like tons of paperwork. And the I600a form is immigration, starting the process to get an ophan into the US and make them a US citizen!