Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some things just don't go as planned!(Most things in my life these days!)

Ok so today was Joe's 40th birthday and Ade's 1st birthday, so I planned a pool party at my in-laws house to celebrate it. I had some special things planned and really tried to make Joe feel special. I hired a caterer, got decorations had everyone write 40 things they loved about him, because he is 40! I also wanted to document that we did celebrate Ade's 1st birthday even though he was not with us! So let me just give you a run down of the day!

OF COURSE IT WOULD RAIN AND THUNDERSTORM HORRIBLY BECAUSE I PLANNED THE PARTY!!! Do you ever feel like if something crazy is going to happen to someone that it will happen to you. I am the "freaky friend"! Hence meningitis, cancer, crazy pregnancies and 5 COURT DATES!!! Just to name a few!

There was a horrible storm so the party got moved to our house, which was a mess, then cancelled and then it was back on! We got all the food and all the people came. The food was delicious and Joe had a great time eating and opening his presents. It was then time to give Joe his lists of 40 things, people forgot said that they were never emailed, blah blah blah!!! But they WERE told about it and there were some that did the list. And I think it meant a lot to him.

We moved on to doing the 40 candles on Joe's cake and 1 on Ade's. Joe's cake was LIT UP for sure. My mom made him a homemade carrot cake and it was delicious! Somehow we ended up with 3 cakes! After the cake was all done we opened up presents and Aunt Denise and Uncle Sheldon got Ade some really sweet gifts! Thank you guys! You guys are awesome! We got him a 4 wheeler and a phone! I hope he will love it someday! After all was done at the house the storm had stopped and we headed over to swim at Grammy and Grandpa's it was a mess due to the storm but we all worked together and got it cleaned up quickly! We had a great time swimming and Maya was jumping off of the dive by herself and swimming to the ladder! We were so proud of her! No floaties!!!

We came home had dinner and Joe and I had a tiff! I feel stressed and sad. I hope I didn't ruin his birthday!

So how is it celebrating your sons birthday when he is miles away? Sad, irritating, happy, a little depressing and full of wonder. Wondering what he is doing today, if the orphanage did anything for him today. If he is happy. If he is getting enough love. I feel like this is taking a bigger toll on me than I had thought it was. I'm out of emotions for today, but I'll leave you with some pics from the party! Thank you all for coming and helping us celebrate Joe and Ade!


  1. So sweet that you celebrated his birthday! Eden turned one around Christmas. I had such a hard time with both the holiday and her birthday. I cried anytime anyone looked at me funny, and was pretty grouchy. It's so sad to miss all these firsts with our babies!

  2. I know! But they will have firsts with us!:)