Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last Recital and Birthday Celebration!

So today was the last recital! It was such a blessing to watch 2 of my healthy babies up there dancing and having fun! Joe and I are so very blessed to have such great kids! Ella really enjoyed watching her brother and sister as well! Maya was so excited because she got flowers today!

After the recital we headed over to Mom and Dad's and my mom made me an awesome birthday dinner! Lasagna, veggies and french bread! YUM YUM! And she made me a delicious cake! My sister got me a really cool and sweet picture frame and pie plate for my pies I make and my adoption bracelet she got me hasn't come in yet! I can't WAIT to get it! Mom and Dad gave me cold hard cash!!!:) I am so blessed to have such an awesome loving family!

Here are some more pics of the recital and some of Max! It was a great day!


  1. Oh how we LOVE those beautiful "babies"! You and Joe are great parents! Baby Ade is going to love his new family! Happy Birthday Weekend!

  2. yes, that's the tank top! Splurged on myself today!

  3. Thank you Aunt Denise! And Megan! That is awesome! My 6 year old picked it out for me and I LOVE IT!!!:)