Monday, June 14, 2010

A Small Update!

We got an email from our agency today that stated they asked their Ethiopia staff if there was any specific reason MOWA has not written our statement the past 4 times and they said that it is just a coincedense. I don't know how to spell that!:) And that there is no specific reason! So hopefully they are all now aware we have been to court 4 times and will get the statement issued on the 21st!


  1. I agree, sweetheart. At least now we know that the MOWA is at least aware of a family (us!) that has been postponed so many times. Hopefully a spotlight is on our paperwork now!

  2. so, I was at a seminar with the head of the African program for Bethany and she said that they pretty much stalk MOWA for a couple of weeks before a family's court and just keep asking and reminding and asking and reminding MOWA that they have a family with court coming up and please to get the statment written....I thought it sounded kind of silly at the time, but I'm thinking it might be pretty effective. Maybe if your in-country staff could keep reminding MOWA as your court date approaches, they'll get your statement written for the 21st....just a thought. :)

  3. Praying that no one in charge of getting him through court can get your little guy off their hearts until you pass!!!