Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Melt Down!!!

So today was a busy day. I started my day getting the kids up and out to the Y. I had called the Dr. to see if they could get Ella in because she had been complaining of her ear hurting. They called and said they could see her at 9 so I had to miss my class at the gym and take her. She ended up having an inner ear infection! Poor girl. So from there we headed to the Central track so the kids could play and I could run the track and run the stairs! Wow was that a hard workout. I was so hot I had goose bumps. Not good! We then headed to Grammy's to swim and Max had safety town. The girls and I swam for about 4 hours. We came home took baths and headed to KC for my niece Ruby's 5th birthday! I can't believe she is already 5. That has gone fast!

On the way home I just had a melt down. I keep hearing of families that are passing court on the first time and I am just wondering what is wrong with us that we've been 4 times and can't pass. I sent an email out to our agency asking some questions. This whole thing is just crazy. I also learned that the MOWA will be out of the office all next week and they return to work the day of our court date which basically means unless God intervenes, we will be pushed off yet again! I just had to let myself cry. I have held it in for a long time and I just needed to let it go. Joe and I talked and I cried and Joe said we need to persevere. That God is allowing this for some reason.

Please pray for me, I am struggling and trying really hard to have a good attitude about all of this! Please pray that God would intervene and that MOWA will write our statement in the next 2 days! Thank you! Ali


  1. Did you get any answers??? Praying for you.

  2. No not yet, just that the MOWA hasn't issued their statement yet and it has nothing to do with us personally! Thank you! Can you believe this?