Thursday, June 17, 2010

Missing my baby!

How is it that you can "miss" someone so much whom you haven't even met? That is how I am feeling this week. Our little baby boy will be 1 on Saturday. The same day as his daddy! Joe will be 40! I am having a small party for Joe and Ade. I am really kind of sad this week. I knew I probably wouldn't get to hold him and be with him on his 1st birthday so I was prepared, but it still really hurts!

I was thinking about him a lot this week and my heart was breaking at the thought of him being in an orphanage and not getting picked up when he cries every time or just not having a "mommy" to meet his EVERY need! I know the nannies at the orphanage are awesome, but they aren't his mommy! I will hold him whenever he wants me to! He has a daddy and 2 sisters and a brother whom I'm sure will meet his EVERY need and then some! I can't wait to have my little Ethiopian Prince home with me!

We have another court date on Monday, but I'm pretty sure it will get postponed again due to the MOWA being out of the office all this week. And we are waiting for a written statement from them. But God is bigger than that and He can make it happen. And if He doesn't, I just need to rest in his goodness and His timing!

Happy Birthday week baby boy! Mommy loves and misses you soooooo much!