Sunday, January 19, 2014

Maya Jane is 8

Yesterday was my baby girls birthday! I can't believe Maya Jane is 8! She had quite the celebration. She decided to use some of her birthday budget for a small spa party with 2 friends. You see the way we do birthdays around here is we give the kids X amount of money and they can either use it for a party or put it in their accounts and use it when they want something. So this year Maya wanted to have a small party. We always have a small family party for them but we learned early on that friend parties were way too expensive and way overrated!

So Friday we took Maya and 2 friends to have a mani/pedi and get their hair done! They thought they were big stuff and there was a lot of sass with those 3 girlies! We then headed on to 54th street for lunch It was fun. Then yesterday was her actual birthday and we had a family party. She had a great birthday and is growing up so fast. Tonight she is staying the night with her cousins. She is big stuff.

Here are some random things about Maya to celebrate her:

-She is one of the most confident girls I know.
-She is very spunky/sassy yet has one of the most tender hearts around!
-She is very funny.
-She is extremely smart.
-She loves to dance and sing and make up songs and dances.
-She loves Jesus.
-She does not like to get into trouble.
-She is such a fashionista.
-She is a good little athlete.
-She is a major mamma's girl.
-She always has my back.
-She has a hard time keeping her hands to herself:).
-She is a hard worker.
-She is beautiful.
-She looks so much like her daddy!
-But she acts a lot like me.
-She was the most joyful happy baby ever!
-She makes our lives very colorful!

I love you more than words can say Maya Jane. You are an amazing little girl!

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