Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Hump Day Post!

Oh goodness the Freudenthal's have been busy. Back to school we went after Christmas break. We got an extra day because it was so cold. It has been nice getting back into a normal routine. Although we get out early tomorrow and don't go back until Tuesday. Didn't we just have Christmas break?

Big things have been going on around here. Little Ade decided he wanted a haircut. And he wanted it cut "all the way down!" He gets so tired of people always touching his hair. His hair was boss, but we let him get it cut. He is cute any way he has his hair and he loves it. We are a big KU basketball family and he LOVES watching with me. He really watches and gets excited with me and mad with me! It is precious. When I put him to bed last night he asked me "Does Wiggins have short hair like me?" Proud moment, always love when my children have KU (and Jesus) on the brain!:)

The 3 big kids are heavy into basketball right now. Max is playing on 2 teams and he put on quite the show at his last game! He made 2 reversible layups so that made his life! We had a great win. Ella is playing travel ball no games yet, we are super excited to see them play this year I think they will be great. Ella has been working on her shot and it is looking so good. Maya is playing in a league and she had quite the game on Sunday, she scored 6 points! Big day for her as well.

We have also been trying to go to more high school games, so last week we took the girls and a friend and went and watched my old high school play, it was great. They had a lot of fun.

Maya packed lunches for me one day when I was sick and she put a note in Max's lunch. It said, "max you are the best white brother!" Seriously made my day. I had to hashtag it #interracialfamprobs. I seriously love having a family with different colors. I would like to have one more, but I don't see that happening.

Maya's birthday is Saturday so we went and picked out her decorations and treats for her class tonight. It was fun getting some one on one time with her. She had a blast. And of course we got Dance Party decorations. So appropriate for that girl!

OK I"m signing off for the night just wanted to update.

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