Friday, January 3, 2014

"Fun" Day!

So we decided today we were going to get the kids out of the house and take them shopping to spend some of their Christmas money. They have been asking me to do this all week mind you. So Joe stays home from work to go with us and we are getting everyone ready. They ask what we are doing and I say going to the mall and Target. "What??? I just want to stay home." I hate walking around the mall!" Uh…..really, wasn't this your idea guys? So we explained to them that this was something we were doing for them and it was going to be fun. So change your attitude. After Judy and Rudy Attitudey straightened up it ended up being a fun time.

Ella is staying all night with a friend tonight. Maya and I have been playing some serious Skip-bo and Joe, Ade and Max have been playing football and xbox. Lots of fun around here.

And a funny story from last night. The 3 big kids go to Bookball on Thursday nights and Ade sits and watches. We are there for 3 hours. So he plays ball and plays his iPad. So he is playing a game on his iPad and Joe hears him say, "I'm gonna get you you son of a bitch!!!!!" Apparently when Joe let him watch Back to the Future with him he picked up that little gem! So daddy had to explain to him that we don't talk like that! That boy is something else!

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