Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cold Busy Day

Brrr today it was soooo cold. There is no school tomorrow due to the temperatures. We had a busy day today. We got up early and went to early church, there was like no one there. Then we zoomed over to Maya's basketball game. It was such an intense game. The team we played apparently doesn't like our team and is out to beat us. I don't know if this is true, but I have heard that they talk trash on our team. Which is kind of crazy because Maya plays softball with a lot of the girls on that team. Anyway, they were up 6-0 the first half and we ended up going in overtime and beating them by 1. Such a sweet victory! But seriously, it is 2nd grade basketball people. Maya played great. She took some great shots and played excellent defense. Just needs to work on using her left hand a bit more! From the game we came home and settled in and watched the KU game. It was a frustrating loss. I was seriously not happy!

For some reason yesterday and today I have just felt a nervous feeling in my stomach. Like I can't relax. A real anxious feeling. I hate it when that happens, it is the worst feeling. I can't stand it. But I can't pinpoint where it is coming from. I just keep praying and giving it to the Lord. Like the verse says, "When anxiety is great within me your joy brings comfort to my soul."

So tomorrow I am going to breve the cold and try to head to the gym and Hyvee, we seriously have no food around here. And they will need to bring a lunch to school on Tuesday and we literally have nothing! Until tomorrow!

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