Monday, August 22, 2011

Traumatic Morning Indeed!!!

WHOA!!! Was this morning ever crazy. I really feel like I could write a book about our crazy lives. So it was storming like CRAZY this morning when we got the kids up for school. They kept asking if they had to go to school because it was so bad out. I was like guys, it's just a storm, it is fine. Shortly after that, the lights flickered a few times and Ella's phone let a short ring and then the fire alarms started going off. I yelled at the kids to go downstairs and had Ella get Ade out of his bed and run to the garage. Mind you it is pouring down rain and totally storming!!! In the meantime I run downstairs to tell Joe that the alarms are going off because he is in the shower, apparently our roof has had ANOTHER leak!(that's a whole other story!) the hallway was soaked I fell onto my back, hit my head and jarred everything and somehow managed to really hurt my knee. I can't put pressure on it. Also have a small cut on my elbow. Joe jumps out of the shower and tells me to get everyone in the car and get out of the house. So I do that and apparently he did the same thing I did when he came running out the room. He fell on the same water and has a nasty cut on his elbow and hit his hip and wrist. Max also slipped on the same spot.

The kids and I are out of the house in the car on the other side of the street and Joe calls 911. My children are frantic. Except for Max, I was so proud of him he acted like a man. He was telling everyone to stay calm and stop crying. 45 minutes later the fire dept. shows up. We are in a volunteer fire area! I'm so glad the house wasn't on fire or it would have burnt to the ground!

Thankfully the Lord was watching over our house and there was no fire, and we are all "basically" alright!:) My mom took me to the dr. to have an x-ray on my knee and I may have a slight concussion, the eyes are dilated a bit and I am super tired!!! And a bit sick to my stomach. So please pray for us crazy Freudenthal's!!!


  1. Oh my goodness Ali I am stressed just READING that. I am so glad yall are ok and I'm sorry you got so banged up!!!!

  2. Thanks Sharon, it was a crazy morning!!!

  3. Good grief! So glad you're all mostly OK! What craziness!