Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ade's First Trip to the Zoo and Potty Training!!!

So this week Ade has been rocking on potty training! He has never had an accident with me and has been in undies! He had a couple at Mom's Day Out because they were asking him if he had to go and he said NO and they didn't take him anyway, so I told them to take him and he had no other accidents! Good boy! He goes every time I put him on the potty! It is so great. He has yet to go #2 on there, but he has got the potty down. Now today at church I sent Ella in with him because he has bitten once and I wanted her to take him potty. She said he went every time she took him but he also went 3 times in his pants!!! AHHHHH.... I guess it is just his first week though so he is doing really well. And Denise, we did get the "gabby gabby" undies and he LOVES them!

Yesterday we met our good friends Ed, Laura and Jax at the Omaha Zoo. They were in our travel group and Jax and Ade were at the orphanage together. We LOVE them. They live in Omaha so they met us there. The kids had a blast. They LOVE the zoo. Jax was sooo cute, he LOVED Ella. He wanted her to carry him and hold his hand everywhere. Which was a nice break for her since he weighs a lot less than Ade.

I remember last year when we went to the zoo we were leaving in like a week to go get Ade. I remember saying, "next year we will have a toddler with us!" And boy was he ever with us. I took him in his undies and he did so good. I am really proud of him. He was quite fond of the monkey's. He kept pounding on the glass yelling "monkey". He is a hoot of a guy. Our kids love the zoo so much. Max had a great time, he was really into the aquarium. It's all about sharks here people, so he was in heaven.

This is our last week home before school starts. We better make it a good one. My kids started bickering so bad last week. We had a great summer until last week. Now they have been around each other TOOOOOO much! OK, I need to hit the sack, headed so spin in the morning. I can't figure out how to put pics on here from the zoo, so you can go check them out on my facebook page!!!

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  1. I'm so glad you guys got to make this memory with Ade!!! I remember you being bummed out last year not having him here. He is such a blessing to the entire family!!!

    I called to see what size skivvies he needed for his "bunnies," so I could get him some Gaba Gaba's!!!

    Keep up the great potty work Ade Joseph!!! Love you, Aunt Denise