Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Day in the Life.....

I thought I would give a sneak peak into a day in the life with 4 kids at home! It is not very detailed as far as the exact times, but here it goes!

Wake up- get Ade out of bed, take him potty, apply all lotions and hair products and get him dressed. Run to Maya's room get her dressed and do her hair, apply her antibiotic cream to the interesting fungus on her face! Move on to Ella and do her hair. Do Max's hair and instruct everyone to make their bed.

Head downstairs and wipe down the island, sweep up the floor and put dishes in the dishwasher, head to the laundry room fold a load and start another load. Clean up living room and into my room to get ready.

Do the things I need to do to get ready, wash face, brush teeth and hair, put a little makeup on, get dressed. Make my bed and head to the kitchen to get breakfast. Make everyone breakfast and clean up all their messes. While they are eating I pack a bag for Ade since we are running some errands. They finish, I clean up the kitchen for the 2nd time and it's only 9:30.

Load the kids up after I change over the load of laundry. Forget something, run back into the house. Get in the car, rock out to some Justin Bieber! And head to Sonic for my liquid sanity. From Sonic I go to Visions to get 3 haircuts for kids and 5 feathers for the girls! That took almost 2 hours. In those 2 hours I took Ade potty 4 times, referred, gave a spank and played with kids!

After hair we went to the Dollar Tree because Max felt like he needed something since the girls got feathers, I am tired and too weak to fight the battle so I take him. We drive through McDonald's and head home for rest time. Kids eat in the car. They talk to me the whole time in the car, thus I don't get to listen to Colbie Calliat!

Get home, unload car. Switch laundry again, take Ade potty make him a bottle and put him down for his nap. Get the other 3 situated and I sit on the screened in porch and do my quiet time and pray. Tell, the kids to stop being loud about 900 times and then I lay down to rest. Get up from resting and do more laundry and more cleaning.

Ade wakes up and we take him potty have a snack and head over to Grammy's for a swim. I sit while they swim which was wonderful, the weather was beautiful! Get loaded up come home eat dinner give baths give snacks and off to bed they go or something like that!

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  1. Makes me enjoy my quiet time right now while the boys are all at Nanas....yet I feel so guilty for not getting more done while they're gone, like cleaning out their toys that they never play with!!! Maybe tomorrow after church.