Friday, February 18, 2011

My Boy Loves Basketball!!!

Oh my goodness, Ade Joseph loves him some basketball. We have had some great weather here this week and so we have been outside ALL week. It makes such a difference with the kids. They can run off their energy! Anyway, Ade LOVES being outside and LOVES basketball, he cries when he can't go out. I got some great pics of him yesterday playing basketball outside. He actually has some good form! I am super impressed with his skills! He is so much fun. I love watching his personality come out more and more!

On another note, I really feel like the Lord is doing something in my heart. For some time now I have felt like I'm not where I should be as far as my quiet time and things with God. I have my quiet time every day nearly, but I have just lost control in some areas. For instance, I used to watch what I said all the time. Lately it feels like all I can do is complain about myself. And God is getting me back on track! I am really striving to be more like him and be in a place He wants me to be! As a mom, wife, friend basically everything! Just pray for me!

I hope you all have a great weekend, we have a fun weekend ahead! Father/Daughter dance tonight, KU/MU game tomorrow! The Freudenthal's are pumped!!!

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