Sunday, February 13, 2011

A MAJOR Battle of the Wills!!!

Oh my goodness, did we ever have a battle of the wills on Friday!!! Ade, who has know how to say please since the week he got home WOULD NOT say please. I mean stubbornly would not say it! I would tell him a million times to say and he would just look down and say "uh-uh"!!! So I disciplined him and he still WOULD NOT say it! I bribed him with a bottle and he would say he wanted it but would not say please! I had started this and I needed to finish it. So after about an hour Joe and the kids left to go to Chili's and Ade stayed in his bed and I stayed home with him. Finally 2 HOURS later, the little turd decided to finally say please. It was a real irritated swipe of the belly please! Then he wanted his bottle and wouldn't say please so I wouldn't let him have it and finally I got a real enthusiastic please and he has said please every since!!! That little turkey has a major strong will!!! All I have to say it Mom 1 Ade 0!!!! I was VICTORIOUS!!!

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