Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let's Talk About Babysitters

So I think I got spoiled rotten with our first babysitter. When Max and Ella were little we stumbled upon the best babysitter ever!!! She took excellent care of my kids, bathed them, knew how to put them to bed and my house was ALWAYS clean when I got home! She was 15 when she started watching my kids. Now she is 21 and believe it or not, babysitting isn't real high on her priority list!:) Which I can't blame her. I was a babysitter as well to a family that I was like a second Mom to them. But then I grew up and didn't have the time I used to! But I cherish those days with those boys!

I mean, I don't think you get it. Gigi is like a mini me!!! I mean she's fantastic!:) She knows how I discipline, she's not afraid to send them to their rooms or get on them. She keeps everything nice and tidy like I do and most importantly, they ALWAYS look cute when she babysits and their hair is always done! She even takes them places, has them stay all night and I mean the girl rocks!!! She watches them if Joe and I want to go on a date overnight. She also comes and helps me every year with the Christmas decorations if I need it and she always helps me wrap Christmas presents and we have so much fun and get so delirious wrapping for hours upon hours!!! She is also always available when Joe goes out of town to stay all night with me and that makes my life a lot easier!!!We totally trust her!

So since she's gotten older and has a job and goes to college, we don't get to have Gigi all that often. So when she does come it is like a sigh of relief, Joe and I don't have to worry about a thing. So we have been on the hunt for some new sitters. Come on 3 more years and Ella will be doing it!:) Anyway, there are a couple of girls that live next door and across the street whom are also so busy and they do a great job, I just think that 4 kids is a bit overwhelming for them. So I try to only have 1-3 of the kids when they come. Because Max is a lot and has a lot of energy and then having a toddler on top of that. I mean, it can be tough. We have had a sibling group that babysits for us but every time I've called them lately they have declined! I think they think my kids are brats and they don't want to do it!:( We also have another girl that went away to college and whenever she can come the kids are also very excited, she too does an awesome job and we feel like she can handle the 4!!!

I am just rambling about this, but it has been on mind a lot lately. I don't think anyone wants to watch 4 kids. I think it scares them and they think it is too much! My own family has commented on how it is a lot of work. So if you know anyone out there who you think we could trust and could handle it, please let me know!

Do you think I could convince Gigi to stop growing up so she can watch the kids for a good 3 more years on demand?:) For some reason, I don't think she would go for that one!!! She really has been such a blessing to us and we have been blessed to have her this long! We love you Gigi!!!

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  1. Let me tell you about it! Our best sitter EVER, Temeka, just had a promotion with her "real" job and had to quit sitting for us. The house was always spotless and she attended to every detail and took such great care of the kids. Nobody is as good as her and I'm SO missing her!!!! It's difficult to find anybody to watch all 4 and to the point where I just feel the need to even quit working my part-time gig. *sigh* I need another Temeka!!!!!