Thursday, February 10, 2011

The "Golden Birthday"!!!

Soooo 10 years ago today I became a Momma for the first time! I gave birth to a chubby, spunky, gorgeous, black haired blue eyed baby girl! I mean her hair was down the back!!! She had soooo much. She may have been the cutest newborn I have ever seen! She was awesome!!! My labor, not so much!

So today is her golden birthday, she is 10 on February 10th! I surprised her when I picked she and her friends up for school and took them for a girls day and we got mani/pedis!!! And then got some food at Chili's! She loved it and was thrilled. We had a great day together! Her friends are a blast! I must not leave out the part where I met yet ANOTHER NFL player while getting the pedi's! And we had a great discussion about hair! Ella was just rolling her eyes like, not again!!! I think he plays for the Cowboys and his last name is Rucker! Super nice handsome young man!

We came home tonight and had a family party and we surprised her yet again! She got some great gifts! She is a very blessed girl indeed.

Some of my favorite things about Ella are.......

-She tells me EVERYTHING!
-She is funny.
-She is very social.
-She is so smart I can't even keep up with her!
-She has a HEART for orphans!
-She loves Jesus.
-She is such an airhead at times.
-She is very free spirited(this can also drive me NUTS!)
-She has the most gorgeous hair!
-She loves her siblings.
-She loves Jesus.
-She loves to sing.
-She is a great basketball player.
-She is pretty low maintenance when it comes to clothes and stuff.
-She loves her family!

And a special shout out to her Aunt Denise, who is so stinking creative and an awesome Aunt, she did the coolest thing for her. She wrapped up 10 gifts to give her starting 10 days before her birthday, then everything she unwrapped was 10 of something! Soo cool. Then she gave her a $10 gift card on the last day and a pinata!!!! I mean really, how awesome is that! We love and appreciate you Aunt Denise!
Those are just a few. Happy Birthday Ella Rain. I love you more than you'll ever know!!!


  1. I loved reading this! Happy birthday to Ella! You are a great mom! And your ability to meet NFL players is hilarious. What was a Cowboys player doing there anyway?!

  2. Haha!!! I think he is from here!!! And thank you! I have my moments!!!