Monday, September 20, 2010

Things are coming together!

Things are coming together nicely! Ade is starting to take his naps again and he is not so clingy which is great! I got to go to the gym today and take him in the nursery and he LOVED it! They went on and on about how good he was! It was so nice to be in a normal routine again! And also so nice he like the gym!

On the poop front, man oh man is it ever going to end? Every morning I have to throw him in the tub and change and wash his sheets! And to top it off, Ella has it as well. Poor girl can barely eat. I feel so bad for her. But we are starting her on medicine today! Hopefully it will slow down a bit.

The kids are adjusting great and they all love each other so much! It makes my heart happy! I have really been missing Ethiopia and our travel group lately. There's just something about the simplicity of Ethiopia and about being surrounded by families who are going through exactly what you are! So a shout out to my travel group! I miss you guys! Things seem to be changing around me and it is fine but also kind of hard to adjust to. It is funny how life changes and relationships change! Ok, I am rambling! I am going to go take a nap we have 2 ball games tonight! Just wanted to do a quick update!


  1. We are missing you all so much as well. I really do think we should all have a reunion one day. That was such an emotional experience I think it soldered our little hearts together in a way.

    You definitely inspired me...maybe I'll try to get back to the gym tomorrow. Glad Ade liked it...let's hope Lily will as well!! She's had bible class by herself twice, so we're making big steps.

  2. That's awesome! Yes he loved it! I think he is just so used to being with other kids! He fell asleep in the car on the way home! So precious! Yes, I think a reunion would be awesome!