Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Hurting Heart!

So I often look at Ade while I am rocking him and giving him bottle and admire all the beautiful things about him. His beautiful eyes, those killer lashes!!! His perfect nose, his floppy little ears and who can resist those perfect lips! I always tell him his wife is going to love kissing those lips!!! OK, I got a little distracted!:) But I look at him and pray for him and think of all the cute things he does. Talking constantly to me! (Just like his mamma!) Laughing, playing and just being happy. Then my heart starts hurting and I start thinking about his birth mother.

She disappeared after she relinquished her rights. She moved to Addis and her family doesn't know where she is. I feel so sad for her that she doesn't get to rock him every day twice a day and give him a bottle. She doesn't get to rub his precious fat feet. She doesn't get to kiss those kissable lips anytime she wants or stare at him all day long. And my heart HURTS for her. I can't imagine being a mother and having no clue where your baby is or who he is with. It just seems so painful to me. She has no idea who we are or what kind of people we are. She has never even seen a picture of us.

My prayer has been that she would make amends with her family and get back to them so she can at least see the photo book we made for her and see who he is with. And that there would be restoration for her. I love her dearly and I have never met her. She made a huge sacrifice for our son and we will always share a mothers heart for him! So pray with me if you would that she would know he is OK!

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  1. Ali, my heart hurts when I think about L's family in ET too. I think I left a piece of my heart there that I won't ever get back.