Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Swim day with friends!!!

We had a swim day today with some friends that I haven't seen in months! It was good to see them and reconnect with them. The kids had a blast! There were 10 kids between 3 families! It was awesome! And we had children representing all over the world!!! I love it.

I think I have mentioned before that Ade HATED the water at first. He clung to us and literally screamed if we would let go of him in his floaties! But now my boy takes running flying leaps into the water the whole time, and he also tries to go off the board! He is fearless!!! I love him. And Max is Mr. protective! He kept yelling at me to get Ade when he was in the deep end because he was afraid he would drown! Nevermind that I am the mom and he has a very safe floatation device on! I love how my kids love each other. They have their fair share of fights as well, but they really do love each other. We work A LOT on how to treat each other!

Another thing that has been going on is Ade has told me like 4 times he has to potty and then he really goes!!! It is awesome! I am just going to let him do it like that for awhile and when the kids go back to school I will start to train him. He LOVES flushing the toilet and saying Bye Bye to his pee pee!!! He is a hoot. Anyway, just wanted to update some of the stuff we have done in the past few days!

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