Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Time

So this summer has been crazy and it has flown by! Just wanted to post a few things to remember. Ade is loving the water now, IF and only IF he is in his boat. If we try to take him out and just hold him in the water her points to his boat and says, "my boat". It is so cute and funny. He puts his face in the water all the time but does not like the feeling of no control with floating devices! He is a crazy boy!

He is saying everything we say! It is so cute. One of my favorite's is when Joe says, "Ade where are you? and he says, "Wight heeeera!" So sweet. He LOVES and ADORES his big brother Max. He does everything he does and so much wants to please him! Max taught him how to do a cool walk and he struts around and moves his neck forward and backwards! He is soooo funny.

And his lips, oh those lips! Every time he puckers up and gives me a kiss it just melts my heart! What a little treasure he is to behold! He had a great time celebrating his first 4th of July. He wasn't real sure about the loud fireworks, but he loved the food and fellowship!

He is the perfect edition to our awesome little family! Thank you Jesus for putting us together!

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